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A Professional Organizer’s Guide to Organizing Accessories

In our last blog, we detailed closet organization but because you know as well as we do, closets contain a lot so we decided to dedicate a separate post to accessories. Sometimes they don’t get as much attention simply because they pale in quantity compared to clothes and shoes. But the reality is that hats, bags, jewelry, ties, and belts all need their own home in your client’s closet and/or bedroom. 

So here’s your guide to getting the “smaller stuff” organized for them including some unique product ideas. Come back to this page anytime you have a closet project on the horizon.

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The design

We know that closets come in all shapes and sizes. Some have more shelf space, others have more hanging, and you might get lucky with blank walls to display their favorite hats or necklaces. And then, of course, there’s the closet and dresser drawers to use if need be. Once you have a lay of the land, it’s time to figure out what will go where. Here are a few tips to help you decide…

Handbag tips:

  • Clutches can be “file folded” just like clothing! Use either a basket or a divided organizer on a closet shelf to keep them in line.
  • Handbags can stand on their own (stuffed, if possible) and styled to give off a boutique vibe. If your client wants, consider purse stands, risers, or boxes if they’re worried about dust. Consider organizing by color or by season since they’re on display.
  • Long handled totes and even cross body bags can be hung without worrying about the handle. Use hooks on the back of the door or a specific hanging purse organizer on the closet rod.

Here’s a link to our handbag organization tips on Instagram.

Jewelry tips:

  • Typically, it’s best to organize rings, earrings, watches and bracelets away and into drawer organizers or jewelry boxes ie like the Stackers line.
  • Necklaces are best to hang in order to prevent tangling and to preserve them. Look for organizers specifically made for necklaces or use hooks on a blank closet or bedroom wall.
  • Organize jewelry into categories like special occasions vs daily wear (or formal vs casual). If your client has sets that are worn together or a large quantity of different colors or metals (i.e. gold/ silver/rose gold), then consider color coding them!

Here’s a link to our jewelry organization tips on Instagram.

Hat, belt, and tie tips:

  • Organize hats by type, season, color and/or sports. Employ shelf, wall, or rod space depending on what your client has available. Store away off season hats if you’re limited on space.
  • Ask your client if they would prefer to hang or roll their belts. If hanging, use a rack that has hooks to spare in case they buy more belts. Expensive belts should be protected either in a soft drawer organizer or an acrylic case.
  • Organize ties by color and/or pattern and separate out special occasion or holiday ties. Use a rotating tie rack especially if your client wears them daily. Or use sorters within drawers to keep them in good condition.

Here’s a link to our hat, belt, and tie organization tips on Instagram.

The zones

Accessory zones are unique because while it’s always a good idea to keep like with like, sometimes it’s not possible because of the layout or space you’re working in. For example, you may need (and/or your client may want) to separate summer hats and bags from winter accessories. Plus arranging them strategically on various shelves gives off a luxe boutique look that you know they’ll love!

Now, whether you roughly plan out your design or use Sortifi to pre plan (see example below), know that you can always improvise when the time comes so long as you’re armed with the right products (also see below) for the space.

The products

We’ve compiled lists to show off our picks for accessory organizing products and we tried to add variety because we know every client is different!

Bag organizers

From placing them on display to hanging them, keep your client’s prized possessions in their best condition.

  1. 1 Cambridge handbag storage bin
  2. 2 mDesign clutch organizer
  3. 3 Acrylic purse hanger
  4. 4 Acrylic display case
  5. 5 Handbag display stand

Check out these products in this Instagram post.

Jewelry organizers

Some may want to show off their bling, others may want it hidden away. Either way, you have options when it comes to organizing your client’s jewelry.

  1. 1 Stackers jewelry boxes
  2. 2 Two tier jewelry box
  3. 3 Jewelry stand
  4. 4 Mirrored jewelry armoire
  5. 5 Drawer inserts

Check out these products in this Instagram post.

Hat, tie, and belt organizers

The idea is to condense these smaller items down as much as possible in the closet so they take up little space and yet stay neat and are easy for your client to find in a hurry.

  1. 1 Wall mounted rack with hooks
  2. 2 Gold hat stands
  3. 3 Cedar tie and belt organizer
  4. 4 Drawer organizer with compartments 
  5. 5 Acrylic belt display

Check out these products in this Instagram post.
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