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A Professional Organizer’s Guide to Organizing Linen Closets

What’s better than a pretty linen closet? One that’s also practical for your client! We know that’s what you aim for when tasked with a linen closet organization project. While many of them are standard, at times you’ll come across awkward angles, too deep shelving, or a closet that’s too small for the amount of stuff that needs to be stored in it. 

Regardless of a straightforward space or a challenging one, it’s important to have a plan in place before rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. That’s why we’ve compiled this easy guide for organizing linen closets. Creating your design, designating zones, and choosing smart products make for a simple project to tackle. Save this post for any upcoming linen closets you may have!

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The design

Because of the generally tight space you’re working with, it’s extra important to have a design laid out for your client’s linen closet. Knowing what exactly they would like stored in it (and what they don’t) plus who will be using it the most is a good place to start.

For example, some families like to store all of their linens in the closet while some will just need sheets in it as they have room in the bathroom for towels (or, on the flip side, all bedding is stored elsewhere but towels need a home in the linen closet). Then, there are those clients who use it strictly for backstock toiletries and paper goods. Everyone is different so have a little Q&A session with them before starting your design.

Who’s going to be using it and reaching for what is also essential info. Are the kids grabbing their bath towels or extra rolls of TP by themselves? Make sure they’re located on a shelf that’s eye level with them. Less often used items, like travel toiletries or off season bedding, should go high and away.

Once you’ve got a good mental picture of how the linen closet should be organized, it’s time to make your design a reality.

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The zones

We’ve found that the most common linen closet zones are:

FYI if you’re using Sortifi, you can build templates around typical categories like these so you don’t have to recreate them for each project you do in the future. We also have a list of these zones on Instagram!

Take each zone that your specific client needs stored in the linen closet and assign them their own shelf (if possible, or double up on smaller categories). Sortifi can help with not only the measurements and products, but also with allocating each shelf…

Now, we all know that trial and error is just a part of our job description as professional organizers. So whether you use Sortifi or your own system to plan the design, there’s a good chance that it will change as the project progresses. Case in point with this particular linen closet.

The after photo shows that the bedding has been moved to a lower shelf after discussing it with the client and making the switch. But having the design and zones sketched out ahead of time will save you so much time and, not to mention, stress while on the job.

Here’s another example from one of our Sortifi users, Lisa of Sort Support.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Erckle, Sort Support
Photo courtesy of Lisa Erckle, Sort Support

For Lisa, it was less about designating zones for this project and more about fitting all of the organizing products into the space comfortably. Speaking of which…

The products

We put together a list of some of our favorite products to achieve that pretty and practical linen closet organization.


Best for bulkier items like towels, bedding, and toilet paper. Plus the fabric (or fabric liners) won’t snag any linens!

  1. NEAT oxford bins
  2. Brightroom woven tapered basket
  3. Montauk rectangular basket
  4. Brightroom felt basket
  5. TCS open lattice bin

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Small stuff organization

Toiletries (like extra bars of soap and razors or travel-sized items) along with medicine and first aid supplies fit well in these easy to reach bins. Plus cleanup is a breeze if any liquids spill!

  1. TCS plastic storage bin with handles
  2. SmartStore Nordic baskets
  3. The Home Edit modular storage bin
  4. Y-weave easy access bin
  5. mDesign plastic storage bin with handles

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Speciality storage

Decanting bath salts, dividing hair products, and utilizing back of the door storage are all made simple with supplies like these…

  1. NEAT glass jars
  2. Anchor hocking glass jar
  3. Elfa over the door rack
  4. mDesign metal lazy susan
  5. iDesign clear divided lazy susan

Check out these products and a little more about why we love them in this Instagram post.

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