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Create More Income with Sortifi

Our last post discussed how using Sortifi for your professional organizing business can save you time. Today, we’re talking about how it can help increase your revenue. Which, as a small business owner, is always a positive!

Here are two ways you can use Sortifi to your advantage and boost your profit margin:

Increase your Hands-on Service Fees

Simply because you can save time on projects by using the software, that doesn’t mean you’ll be making less. This applies even if you currently charge clients by the hour. While Sortifi helps to conserve time, you are also presenting a highly professional illustration of their space and product list.

The professionalism is enough to warrant charging an appropriate fee for your services. As an added bonus, saving time over the course of a month may actually allow you to increase the number of hands-on clients that you previously had been able to fit into your schedule. Therefore, your overall monthly revenue will rise as well.

Another thing to think about (especially if you aren’t doing this already) is to add a design fee to your service. A design fee should include product research, shopping, and the design plan for each space you’re working on for your client. As organizers, we know that onsite projects can take a physical toll so it’s essential to find the balance between hands-on work and offsite work. Charging a design fee using Sortifi as your tool can help you achieve financial goals without burnout. Overall, a healthy mix of onsite and design time can lead to a more sustainable and scalable business model.

Increase your Virtual Organizing Fees

The age of COVID has proven to us that almost any service can go virtual if need be and the organizing industry was no different. Even if you’re fully back to hands-on work, your website and marketing can boast a virtual option with an expert rendering even if a client lives across the country. And with an appropriate fee to boot.

Virtual clients have the option to work with any organizer they choose because the location isn’t an obstacle. Having both the space plan and product list all in one place gives your business a professional edge that’s attractive to anyone in the market to hire.

Being in demand can translate to increasing your fees. The more professional a final product that you’re delivering to a customer, the more proper the price tag you can place on it.

Our third and final post in this series will detail how your business can grow and expand with the aid of Sortifi. If you haven’t already, sign up for your free trial and find out if Sortifi is the tool your business has been missing!