Sortifi FAQ’s

How do I access Sortifi?

Sortifi is only available on your desktop or laptop at this time and will work best accessed through a Chrome browser. Although Safari is supported, Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

Simply go to and click the “Log in” button at the top right.

Is Sortifi a Mobile App?

Not at this time, this tool is intended for desktop and laptop browsers only.

How do I start a design project?

Start by dragging the space to the canvas, then drag all of the products you will be using, and finally drag the text over to complete your design.

Can I save my design?

  • Yes, to save your design to Sortifi, select the save icon in the header. Remember to save your work often and before you leave the page, as there is not currently an autosave feature.
  • To save your design to your computer, select the download icon in the header and save to your desired location.

When I see the message "Changes you made may not be saved" does this mean I will lose my saved project?

  • No, this is a default message from your browser as a reminder to you to save your work before leaving the page.  If you did save your work before leaving the page, everything will be saved.

What types of spaces can I design in this tool?

  • Anything!! The shelves are always a front view and can emulate anything, including but not limited to, a pantry, a closet, a cabinet, floating shelves, or a bookcase. You can even create a cubicle system by combining 2 or more shelf systems side by side.
  • The drawers are always going to be a top view of the drawer so you can visually see what products will fit best.

How do I add products to the Favorite Products list?

For the products you use most often, add them to your Favorite Products so you don’t need to create them from scratch in every project.

  • Under the Product Properties on the right side, enter the information in all of the fields, including editing the Name
    • When creating the name, we strongly recommend including the size, brand, and name so it is easy for you to find what you need in your Favorites List
  • Select the “Apply” button at the bottom
  • Select the “Save to Favorite Products” button to finish the process

Can I edit a Favorite Product once it is created and saved?

Not at this time, but if you need to delete anything from your Favorite Product list, you can email us at

How do I paste links into the Purchase Link field under Properties?

Copy the link from the respective product website, then right click in the Purchase Link field and select paste.

What is the Product Catalog?

The Product Catalog has some of the commonly used organizing products so you do not need to create them from scratch. We plan to add more products to the catalog on a regular basis.

Can I copy and paste multiple objects at one time?

Yes, left click and drag your mouse across all of the objects you want to copy and select the copy icon on the right side under Edit, or

Using your keyboard:

  • For MAC users, press & hold Shift and select each object you would like to copy, then press Command+c on your keyboard to copy, then press Command+v on your keyboard to paste
  • For PC users, press & hold Shift and select each object you would like to copy, then press Control+c on your keyboard to copy, then press Control+v on your keyboard to paste

Can I rotate objects?

You have the ability to rotate Drawer Dividers, Text, and Arrows. Click on the object and select the square icon above the object to rotate accordingly.

How do I remove the grid background?

Click on the grid icon under Canvas Settings in the upper right corner

What browsers does Sortifi work best on?

At this time, Sortifi will work best on Chrome or Safari

How do I download the Shopping List?

  • On the canvas, select the download icon in the header, your design and a shopping list will download at the same time
  • On the My Projects page, select the 3 dots next to the desired project > Shopping List. Once your shopping list is downloaded, you can save it to your computer and/or print it

Can I print my design?

Yes, download your design by selecting the download icon in the header, then you can save and print once downloaded.

How do I open an existing project?

Select My Projects in the header, if you see the project listed in the dropdown select it, otherwise select All Projects which will take you to the My Projects page where all of your saved designs live

How do I access my past invoices?

Go to My Account > Billing Info, then scroll to the bottom and you will see the list of invoices to download

Can I update my Credit Card?

  • Yes, go to My Account > Billing Info > Add Card > Save
  • If you would like the new card to be your default, click on the three dots and select Set as default

Can I change my subscription to Annual?

Yes, go to My Account > Subscription > Upgrade to Annual Plan

How do I apply a new promo code to my account before my next billing cycle?

Yes, go to My Account > Subscription > New Promo Code and enter the New Promo Code and click Apply

Is there a tutorial video?

Yes, we have a demo video located at the top of the Home Page, as well as training videos under the Subscription page.

You can also visit our Instagram page at for how-to videos or sign up for our newsletter for tips and tricks.

What is my project is larger than 8 ft wide?

At this time, we recommend splitting your project into multiple sections in order to accommodate a size larger than the canvas space will currently allow.

Does Sortifi provide training or webinars?

  • Yes, training is provided to all Subscribers twice a month
  • or, if you sign up for the Free Trial, you can schedule a 1:1 Demo with us
  • or, if you want to learn more before signing up for the Free Trial, we offer regular Demo webinars