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How-To Design a Laundry Cabinet

Wondering how to use Sortifi to design a simple cabinet? We are going to break down the 3 simple steps to design a laundry cabinet using Sortifi. Before you start any design, remember to always have the measurements of the space you are organizing and designing. You will always need this information as part of the pre-work before using Sortifi. I also take note of the depth of the shelves as a primary factor for what product family will work best to optimize the space. The rest is easy using Sortifi!

Step 1 — Add your Space

For this example, we are going to choose the Shelves, which will give you the front view of your shelf space as if the doors are open. Once you drag the shelves over to the canvas, you have the ability to change the number of shelves, width, and shelf heights under the Shelf Properties on the right hand side. Watch this quick video to see how this is done.

Step 2 — Add your Products

We are going to use the Create-A-Product option for this example. Drag the Container over to the canvas. Modify the dimensions under the Container Properties on the right side. For purposes of this video, we didn’t rename the container or add additional properties. All of this information is super helpful for the Shopping List. Remember to use the Copy function under Edit as often as possible. See the video below to see how this step is done.

Step 3 — Add Labels

This is the last step before downloading your design and shopping list. You can add labels by dragging the Text over to the canvas. I used labels in this example to show the categories that will go in each container. However, you can use labels in a variety of ways like defining the type of container used, important measurements, or notes to yourself or your team for install day. You have the ability to change the Font Size and Type under Label Properties on the right side. Check out this video below to see how this works.

I hope this helps give you some ideas of how you can use Sortifi for your space planning and organizing design needs. If you would like to see a live demo on how to design a Laundry Cabinet, check this video out.