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How to elevate your social media content as a luxury Professional Organizer

It’s no secret that social media is a marketing must-have for businesses, big or small. It’s also a no-brainer because, aside from paid ads or hiring a social media manager, it’s completely free to use. This is great news because, according to Sprout Social, 90% of social media users follow a brand and 70% head to Instagram to research a company before buying from them.

Having a social media presence is not only to gain followers but also loyal clients. As a luxury professional organizing business, those prospective clients will want to see previous examples of your past work and, if the stats are correct, will do so by looking at your Instagram account. Even though the trends and algorithm continue to change, at the heart, it’s a visual platform which makes it the perfect place to showcase your portfolio.

So how does Sortifi help you to elevate your social media content, specifically as a luxury organizer? First, if you find yourself constantly struggling with coming up with ideas for content, think of Sortifi as your savior. It can automatically give you content for weeks to come if you incorporate your designs into your content calendar. How so? Let’s dive in…

Sortifi provides a professional rendering that stands out in a crowd

Since you can screenshot a project when you’re done designing it, this makes it easy to showcase it on your social media account. Whether you chose to use it as a solo still photo or part of a carousel with the before and afters flanking it, it’s bound to set your content apart from what’s currently out there. The design adds an extra layer of visual appeal to your page, getting you more engagement, and, perhaps, more potential clients whether hands-on or virtual. (And if you haven’t looked into offering virtual organizing sessions yet, check out our last blog post explaining why it may be a good idea!)

Sortifi can demonstrate to potential clients that it’s possible to transform their space

Those before and after shots are elevated even more thanks to your Sortifi design. Not only that, those prospective clients who found you via your social media page can actually see how much energy and professionalism is put into your work. They can witness a design that you made for a current client and envision their own space being transformed. It will make them feel extra confident in calling, emailing, or DMing you to hire you to organize their home.

Sortifi can even be used in the ever important Instagram reels (or TikTok videos)

Sortifi screenshots can easily be turned into a video for your social media. You can either add the screenshotted photo as is to the reel or TikTok video or add an effect like a simple zoom in and out (showing off the actual organized space on the way out). We know that Instagram specifically is giving preference to reels over photos so if you can’t beat ’em, join’ em and come up with creative ways to make your designs come to life.

At the end of the day, your Sortifi projects can give you more – and easier to create! – content for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. If you take advantage of this, please tag us on Instagram so we can share your work!