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​Save Time with Sortifi

​As a small business owner, there are a few resources that are indispensable. Among the most valuable are time and cash flow. Did you know that a subscription to Sortifi can help you increase both when it comes to your professional organizing services?

If you’re curious to know how you can give yourself more time in the day and boost your profit margins, we’re breaking down some of the ways for you. This is part one of a three-part series outlining the ultimate benefits of incorporating Sortifi into your services. First up? The amount of time you’ll save on your client projects!

Save time on Space Planning

Most organizers we’ve spoken to have resorted to traditional pen and paper to plan their client’s spaces since the start of their business. The irony of simultaneously telling clients to “go paperless” is not lost on us!

Having access to a digital option just wasn’t, well, an option. If you haven’t had the chance yet, check out our very first blog post about how Sortifi was born, so you can see how it came about due to this very frustration.

Now that designing a project digitally is available to professionals, the time spent sketching out closets and cabinets is cut down drastically. Sortifi has built-in dimensions that are adjustable and able to be copied and pasted, allowing you to create an organized pantry “on paper” in a matter of minutes.

Save time on Product Lists

Product sourcing and shopping are undoubtedly the most time-consuming parts of project planning. Creating a comprehensive list and sharing it with clients has been up to each individual organizer to decide on whatever tool they find easiest to use. Until now of course!

Within each project plan, Sortifi allows you to create a shopping list which can then be sent directly to your client for review. Of course, it makes your life easier when doing the buying but if your business is set up to allow the client to do their own product shopping, it will certainly help to prevent any confusion.

By simply dragging, dropping, and labeling bins and containers, you’ll be able to instantly visualize the space and know – with exact dimensions – which products you’ll need to complete the project.

As of now, there are a handful of popular products from The Container Store already in the catalog for you to drag onto the canvas. ​Sortifi will automatically add them to your shopping list complete with their direct links. For any additional products not currently in the catalog, you can easily bring over a basic container and then manually add the name, dimensions, and store link to your list. We’re rapidly working on adding more products in the coming months!

Another benefit when it comes to products is the amount of time spent making returns after each project. Many of us tend to overbuy for spaces but by planning out the precise dimensions in such a clear format, your tendency to purchase more than necessary will most likely lessen.

Our next post will focus on how Sortifi can encourage you to increase your fees. In the meantime, if you haven’t signed up for your trial or subscription, you can do so here.