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The “Perks” of being a Professional Organizer

As a Professional Organizer I am often overwhelmed by the thousands of organizing product choices we have, as well as the various places we can shop for these products. That is why “trade programs”, otherwise known as discount programs for business owners, are incredibly helpful to be aware of.

There are a few things that I consider before I start a product search for a client:

  • Which stores are in my area?
  • How is the ease of returns/store return policy?
  • Delivery time

Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of organizing products to choose from or places to purchase these products from. That’s why it’s important to make sure you are leveraging all the discounts available to you. Here is a list of the trade programs you can take advantage of as a Pro Organizer:

Hopefully you find this list helpful- whether you are just getting started as a Professional Organizer, or have been in business for years.

Happy Product Hunting!!